Against the Grain Woodworking cares about the environment and we work hard to operate green. One of our Eco friendly initiatives has been to incorporate as many green products into our development process as possible.  

A wonderful example can be found in our use of EnviroVar™ Formaldehyde Free Acid Cure Conversion Varnish.  This product provides an acid-cure formaldehyde free amino-alkyd post-catalyzed conversion varnish that is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®, low-odor and HAPs-free.  EnviroVar™ earned a Sequoia New Product Award for Green/Environmental Leadership in Wood Coatings at the AWFS®Fair 2011. The Sequoia New Product Awards recognize creativity and innovation as well as leadership in green/environmental product development in the woodworking industry.  

Stay tuned for updates on what Against the Grain is doing to make your world not only more beautiful but also safe.